About Clarius

Clarius is on a mission to make accurate, easy-to-use, and affordable ultrasound tools available to all medical professionals in every specialty. With decades of experience in medical imaging, the team knows that great ultrasound imaging improves confidence and patient care. Today, Clarius handheld wireless ultrasound scanners connect to iOS and Android devices, delivering high-resolution ultrasound images traditionally only available with bulkier, high-end systems at a fraction of the cost.

Usono is partner and global reseller of the Clarius ultrasound probes combined with the ultrasound for research package and ProbeFix.

• Wireless ultrasound scanners easily connect to iOS and Android devices

• Outstanding options and possibilities for research and signal processing

• Affordable compared to conventional clinical systems

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Clarius scanners with Usono ProbeFix Dynamic for dynamic ultrasound research

Clarius & ProbeFix research package

The Clarius and ProbeFix research package offers the complete solution for (wearable) ultrasound imaging research. With ProbeFix you can attach the Clarius scanner to the area of interest, while the automated imaging workflows of Clarius require minimal user intervention, making them ideal for large clinical studies that require operator independence and reproducible results. With the innovative AI tools for automated TGC and parameter adjustment, study coordinators can focus on the clinical data without worrying about discrepancies from operator variance. Clarius scanners for clinical research collect images and raw data for analysis and measuring physiological parameters. Thanks for the HIPAA-compliant Clarius Cloud, data analysis for clinical trials spanning global institutions is easy. All images and raw data are securely uploaded to the Clarius Cloud where additional measurement, analysis, and reporting can be performed.
  • Wearable, dynamic and reproducible ultrasound research;
  • Quality controlled data acquisition with AI tools;
  • Easy data analysis anywhere;
  • Clinical indications for research
Clarius Usono

Clarius & ProbeFix research package

  • ProbeFix Dynamic
  • Clarius scanner
  • Raw data package
  • 3D positional data package
  • Cast API

Detailed data package specifications see here

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Compatible scanners

L7 scanner HD3

Frequency: 4-13 MHz
Max depth: 11 cm
Use: breast, lung, MSK, ocular, small parts, vascular

L15 scanner HD3

Frequency: 5-15 MHz
Max depth: 7 cm
Use: breast, MSK, nerve, small parts, superficial, thyroid

L20 scanner HD3

Frequency: 8-20 MHz
Max depth: 4 cm
Use: anaesthesia, dermatology, MSK, ophthalmology, pediatrics, plastic surgery, podiatry, rheumatology, small parts, vascular acces

C3 scanner HD3

Frequency: 2-6 MHz
Max depth: 40 cm
Use: abdominal, cardiac, lung, OB/GYN, superficial

C7 scanner HD3

Frequency: 3-10 MHz
Max depth: 18 cm
Use: abdominal, bladder, cardiac, lung, MSK, pediatrics, small parts, speech therapy