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A selection of our devices

We have created custom ultrasound accessories on request for a variation of customers and applications including MSK, tissue simulation, premature fontanel imaging, needle injections, cancer therapy, animal testing.

At Usono we work together with many different clinical and research institutes and companies to develop useful solutions for practical problems. Through working together with our customers we ensure to meet all the needs and desires. We have a hands-on mentality and make frequent use of functional prototypes during the design and engineering process. Together we add value to your application to accelerate your research!

Most project are confidential and therefor not (yet) shown on the website. If you're interested, please email

Others about our services

Usono developed a custom device that enabled me to conduct my research on young children. The device meets my requirements and the collaboration with Usono was very pleasant!

Lynn Bar-On

Postdoctoral researcher AUMC (VUMC location)

I've known the founders of Usono for years and it's been a pleasure to work with them. With their designs, we managed to do innovative research in the field of musculoskeletal and cardiac imaging.

Richard Lopata

Associate Professor TU/e

Usono developed an intuitive tool that helps my colleagues and me to perform certain procedures more accurate and quicker. We were involved in the design process frequently and therefore the result was easily usable in our practice.

Tim van Beers

Owner Physiotherapy Gestel and EPTE Netherlands

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