Revolutionised research possibilities for dynamic muscle ultrasound imaging

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ProbeFix Dynamic

ProbeFix Dynamic is a new device that supports high-quality ultrasound measurements during dynamic exercise. The ProbeFix Dynamic keeps an ultrasound probe in place throughout intense movement. This can be used in sports training, muscle recovery exercises, during general rehabilitation practices or even in intensive care departments. The seamless combination of ProbeFix Dynamic and portable ultrasound systems has made it possible to monitor muscles dynamically while running or cycling. This creates new research possibilities within the area of muscle imaging.

Half marathon, full potential

Every year in October during the marathon in Eindhoven. To conduct a study in collaboration with Philips and TU Eindhoven, four participants ran without any trouble ‘wearing’ a Philips Lumify attached to a ProbeFix Dynamic which allowed recording images during intense and prolonged exercise. This bold experiment shows the potential that ProbeFix Dynamic brings to the study of muscle behaviour in motion.
ProbeFix Dynamic T

ProbeFix Dynamic T

ProbeFix Dynamic T is specifically designed to support the linear array Telemed probe with the larger field of view (6 cm). This T-version is suitable for clinical and research musculoskeletal applications. Additionally, this probe fixation tool offers a greater degree of freedom and offers the possibility to attach visual markers to enable optical tracking of the device in space. The silicone feet can be exchanged easily to make the tool fit different body types.

Dynamic motion analysis

Combined with other motion capture analysis systems the ProbeFix Dynamic T brings a new dimension to MSK ultrasound and human motion analysis. As demonstrated by Amsterdam UMC, gait analysis can be done parallel to ultrasound measurements.
Usono ProbeFix Dynamic Transducer overview

Supported ultrasound transducers

We currently proudly support the following transducers for dynamic ultrasound:

- Canon 14L5, i18LX5
- Hologic SuperSonic 18-5, 15-4, 10-2
- Telemed MPROL40, L12, LF, LV
- Philips L9-3, Lumify L12-4
- Esaote L4-15, SL33233, LA532
- GE 9L, L8-18i, ML6-15, VScan Air
- Verasonics L11-5V
- Samsung LA3-16AD
- Sonoscape L752
- Butterfly iQ

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Selection of clinical studies using ProbeFix Dynamic.

Multiple academic research and studies are performed with the use of ProbeFix Dynamic on Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound in Vastus Lateralis and more.


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Marloes Sjoerdsma, Cristina Caresio, Benjamin Tchang, Amber Meeder, Frans van de Vosse and Richard Lopata


Eindhoven University of Technology


Emeric Chalchat, Jean-Luc Gennisson, Luis Peñailillo, Myriam Oger, Alexandra Malgoyre, Keyne Charlot, Cyprien Bourrilhon, Julien Siracusa nand Sebastian Garcia-Vicencio


Institut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées


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Eindhoven University of Technology and Máxima Medical Centre


Julien Siracusa, Keyne Charlot, Alexandra Malgoyre, Sébastien Conort, Pierre-Emmanuel Tardo-Dino, Cyprien Bourrilhon and Sebastian Garcia-Vicencio


Institut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées

Others about the ProbeFix Dynamic

This allows you to monitor muscles and injuries properly, in motion, under stress. Fantastic. Now it is possible to determine when an athlete can go to the max.

Frank Hagenaars

Sports physiotherapist HC Oranje Rood, FC Eindhoven

We train about eight times a week and it is very nice if you can see what you are doing, what the muscles do under stress. This can lead to better insights. I was injured for some time and we could hardly determine the injury. With ProbeFix Dynamic we could have known what was going on. I definitely see the future of this.

Jelle Galema

Hockey international Netherlands

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