Revolutionised research possibilities for dynamic muscle imaging

ProbeFix Dynamic

ProbeFix Dynamic is a new device that supports high-quality ultrasound measurements during dynamic exercise. The ProbeFix Dynamic keeps an ultrasound probe in place throughout intense movement. This can be used in sports training, muscle recovery exercises, during general rehabilitation practices or even in intensive care departments. The seamless combination of ProbeFix Dynamic and portable ultrasound systems has made it possible to monitor muscles dynamically while running or cycling. This creates new research possibilities within the area of muscle imaging.

ProbeFix Dynamic

Half marathon, full potential

On the 14th of October, 2018 ProbeFix Dynamic was successfully used during the half marathon in Eindhoven.

To conduct a study in collaboration with Philips and TU Eindhoven, four participants ran without any trouble ‘wearing’ a Philips Lumify attached to a ProbeFix Dynamic which allowed recording images during intense and prolonged exercise. This bold experiment shows the potential that ProbeFix Dynamic brings to the study of muscle behaviour in motion.