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ProbeFix is a non-invasive ultrasound accessory tool which provides lengthy and stable fixation of an ultrasound probe to the body. The device facilitates hands-off workflow, continuous measurement and reproducibility of the ultrasound image. As a result, it significantly optimizes examination quality. Stress echocardiography procedures and cardiac output monitoring at the intensive care department directly benefit from this ultrasound probe fixator, the ProbeFix.


Monitor the heart for longer periods of time, thanks to a stable fixation to the body.


Enable a highly reproducible image by the perfect positioning of the probe.


Execute your examination fully focused to deliver the best possible care.

Improved ergonomics

Reduce the time you manually hold the probe and sit in an awkward position.

Cardiac Output Monitoring In Intensive Care

ProbeFix enables lengthy ultrasound imaging at the Intensive Care department, as demonstrated by Dr. Michiel Blans and Dr. Frank Bosch of the Rijnstate Hospital.

We use the Probefix in order to get reliable results

Michiel Blans, Intensivist Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem

We support your Ultrasound Probes

ProbeFix is designed to attach excisting cardiac ultrasound probe types. Currently we support the following probes of Philips, GE, Siemens, Esaote, SonoSite and Mindray. If you are using another probe type, please let us know and we make your custom Probe Adapter.
  • Philips S5-1
  • Philips S4-2
  • Philips X5-1
  • GE M5Sc
  • GE M3Sc
  • GE 4Vc
  • Siemens P4-2
  • Esaote PA-230E
  • SonoSite P19
  • More on request
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Selected publications using ProbeFix in cardiology and intensive care.

Multiple academic research and studies are performed with the use of ProbeFix on several applications including Stress Echo and Intensive Care.


Sjoerd Bouwmeester, Marloes de Kleijn, Jan van Wijngaarden, Patrick Houthuizen


Catharina Hospital and Deventer Hospital


M. J. Blans, F. H. Bosch and J. G. van der Hoeven


Rijnstate Hospital and Radboud University


O. A. E. Salden, W. M. van Everdingen, R. Spee, P. A. Doevendans & M. J. Cramer


Netherlands Heart Institute, Central Military Hospital, University Medical Centre Utrecht and Máxima Medical Centre

Others about the ProbeFix

I just love innovations like this. ProbeFix can change the way we perform ultrasound in the future. It has great potential in combination with 3D probes, especially in stress echocardiography. With ProbeFix, echo is less strenuous and will prevent arm and shoulder injuries.

Prof. Thomas Binder, MD PhD

CEO 123sonography GmbH

I do not have to push anymore. With this patient I had had too much trouble with my shoulder without ProbeFix, now it’s acceptable

Senior sonographer

Deventer Hospital

A facility will incur a cost averaging more than $500k per annum, per sonographer for injuries sustained in their work, a very high percentage of sonographers carry between 1 and 4 injuries at any one time which eventually take their toll!

Bernadette Mason

Consultant and advisor Sono's Safety in the Workplace

Using the ProbeFix has been a true revelation. It really is a simple and practical solution to an every-day problem, and even in this test phase it shows exceptional potential. Not only does it ensure a more stable echo image, but eventually it will also provide better reproducible images throughout the cardiac stress test. So, it is likely to save us time and costs, while also decreasing the inter-observer variability in our echocardiography lab. And my back, neck and shoulders will be less tired and stressed.

Dr Ciprian Albu

Cardiologist St Dimpna, Geel, Belgium

If we make an echo of the heart, we need to manually hold the transducer for long periods of time against the chest of the patient. A difficult position that can easily lead to RSI complaints. With the ProbeFix this can be solved. Our staff will now be relieved and will be even more efficient by being able to work hands-free.

Maarten Jan Cramer

Cardiologist UMC Utrecht

Sometimes innovations are so simple that it is surprising that they were not there before. ProbeFix is an example that relieves the sonographer and improves the images that are made. Moreover, the enthusiasm of the team contributes to their success.

Lucien Engelen

Director REshape Center at the University of Nijmegen

The ProbeFix by Usono gives more control to clinicians and will broaden the field of ultrasound applications.

Jan Kimpen

Chief Medical Officer, Royal Philips

We used the ProbeFix for our initial proof-of-concept tests and were very happy with it. The founders of Usono are very knowledgeable and collaborative individuals. I share their vision that the potential of ultrasound imaging is largely underused today.

Adriano Garonna


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