Norwegian school of sport science


Muscles and tendons


Usono was asked to develop a probe fixation device for scanning the patella tendon during isometric contractions. The device had to accommodate different SuperSonic linear ultrasound probes and space for a (large and thick) gel pad. A certain degree of freedom was needed for positioning the device on the knee. When the device is attached the probe needs to be able to rotate, so that the user can adjust for the best images accordingly.


The made device has a circular shaped design that accommodates easy interchangeable probe fixation adapters. The holder is attached to leg of the patient with a strap, therefore it is easily relocated and adjusted in term of pressure. Furthermore, can the probe be rotated after fixating the device to the body. The inside of the device has space for the gel pad.


Usono delivered several iterations prototypes.

  • CAD Modelling
  • Prototyping

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