Analysis of muscle function of a femoral bicep tear by dynamic ultrasound

Analysis of muscle function of a femoral bicep tear, by dynamic ultrasound test

Institute: Medicina Muscular, FC Necaxa, World Boxing Council

Analysis of muscle function of a femoral bicep tear, by dynamic ultrasound test

SummaryDr. Jorge Ojeda Barrientos, a renowned Mexican sports doctor, explores hamstring injuries in high-speed sports. He presents a case study of a 25-year-old athlete with persistent pain post-injury. Dynamic ultrasound with ProbeFix reveals a multifibrillar muscle rupture, aiding in precise diagnosis and tailored rehabilitation. The ProbeFix enhances feedback during exercises, facilitating tissue protection and optimal healing.

Key Advantages 

1 Biological recovery times are important to respect for adequate healing. Therefore, ProbeFix does not reduce recovery times, but it is useful in not wasting time, since recovery can be detected at the time of healing and decisions can be made at the appropriate time. 

2 The ProbeFix in combination with the ultrasound generates feedback during exercise phases which helps to protect the tissue under recovery without injuring it again. 

3 The ProbeFix allows for dynamic evaluation to determine the magnitude of the injury, which is not possible with static ultrasound examination. 

Introduction Dr. Jorge Ojeda Barrientos

Dr. Ojeda is a Mexican sports doctor based in Merida, Mexico. He is a doctor specializing in sports medicine and has high specialty in musculoskeletal interventionism ultrasound guided by the Autonomous University of Yucatan, Mexico, in addition to a master’s degree in sports physiotherapy and a doctor’s degree in sports sciences.

In his own clinic Medicina Muscular he works with elite athletes of different sports, including Olympic medal winners. He works as consultant doctor for football soccer club Necaxafrom the first division and is a respected member of the World Boxing Council.

He is president of the Peninsular Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine, and a professor at the master’s level and resident doctors.

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