Diagnosis of persistent sciatic pain with dynamic ultrasound images

Dynamic ultrasound diagnosis of sciatic nerve in hamstring injury

Institute: University of Castilla la Mancha, Universidad Católica de Murcia, SEECO, MUSOC

Dynamic ultrasound diagnosis of sciatic nerve in hamstring injury

Case summary

Fernando Jiménez Díaz, President of SEECO, explores diagnosing sciatica in a 43-year-old athlete with persistent pain post-rehab. Dynamic ultrasound using ProbeFix Dynamic identifies nerve compression missed by traditional tests. This approach offers a swift, cost-effective alternative to MRI, improving musculoskeletal injury diagnosis and treatment.

Key Advantages 

1 ProbeFix Dynamic enables dynamic diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries and their complications. 

2 Real-time imaging during exercise provides valuable information about the source of the patient’s pain and is therefore a valuable resource in cases where the root cause of persistent discomfort is not evident when the ultrasound is performed at rest. 

3 More accurate diagnosis during the first visit, sometimes avoiding additional visits. 

4 Greater overall comfort for the patient. 

5 Avoiding magnetic resonance imaging in some patients, thus saving time and costs. 

6 Faster return to play due to more accurate assessment. 

Introduction Prof. Dr. Fernando Jimenez Díaz

José Fernando Jiménez Díaz was one of the first doctors in Spain to use ultrasound in sports medicine (in 1999). For more than 30 years he has worked as a medical advisor to professional sports teams, in soccer, professional cycling and basketball. In addition to his work in universities, he is the president of the Spanish Society of Ultrasound (SEECO) and directs numerous courses focused on MSK ultrasound, including the Spanish Society of Sports Medicine MSK Ultrasound, SEECO, having been the Director of the MUSOC International Congress in 2022 held in Toledo – Spain.

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