The latest knowledge exchanged during the German Cardiology Congress

The 85th edition of the yearly conference hosted by the German Cardiology Association has taken place between 24th and 27th of April. The congress chairman Prof. Dr. Baldus (Herzzentrum Cologne), who was interviewed by the German national television ZDF, was elected future DGK president for 2021 to 2023. The theme of this years conference was cardiovascular inflammation. The Usono delegation was again present to share information about ProbeFix and learn the latest insights from experts and industry of echocardiography in Germany.

More than 8.900 visitors got the latest insights in Rosengarten Mannheim during numerous clinical sessions and the industry exhibition. Usono took part in the event in order to inform about the smart ultrasound solution ProbeFix and gather feedback from users. In cooperation with ultrasound manufacturers like GE, Philips and Hitachi, combined with their 3D/4D probes, cardiologists have experienced hands-off echocardiography.

Victor Donker: “Usono has a focus on Germany because the cardiologists we know and spoke with are internationally respected experts in their field and push the boundaries of diagnostics and intervention to increase life expectancy for patients with cardiovascular diseases. The conference, which is organised for 85 years already, shows how well established the German Cardiology Association is. We are more than excited that German cardiologists are now embracing our new vision for the use of ultrasound”.

With such vast numbers of cardiologists, Usono received great reactions and valuable exposure for ProbeFix. During intimate sessions at the GE Lounge, at demonstrations with Philips and in all other conversations with cardiologists reactions were energizing and positive. One cardiologist asked delightedly: ”Why didn’t anyone think of this before?!”

Discussions and clinical presentations is what it is all about. On Thursday at 8:00, the working group of echocardiography hosted a session about stress echocardiography. The discussed theme during this session was ‘The burden of strain: the current state of stress echocardiography’. Under the chairmanship of Dr. F. Knebel (Berlin) and Dr. W. Fehske (Cologne), presentations were given by Dr. S. Beckmann (Berlin), Dr. H. Becher (Edmonton, CA), Dr. R. R. Brandt (Bad Nauheim) and Dr. D. Haghi (Ludwigshafen am Rhein). They shared their latest findings and discussed them with the attending cardiologists.

In the aftermath of the congress, everyone gets back to their daily routine
and process all received information. As a result of the congress, progress in the cardiologic field can be expected when the latest findings are implemented during the coming months. The next important congress is the German Echocardiography Congress in Cologne this November, but we definitely look forward to the 86th congress of the DGK next year in April!

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