Usono covered in local newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad

Usono covered in local newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad

Original Dutch article by Merlijn van Dijk: English short version below 👇🏼

English summary version of the article:

Seeing how the fibres in a muscle react during exercise using ultrasound. That’s possible, thanks to a special holder, a kind of brace, in which an ultrasound transducer can be placed. A doctor, researcher or physical therapist can watch how the muscle is loaded during contractions and in motion.

“You can see live what happens to muscle fibres, and possibly even whether muscle tears are forming and where.”

– Victor Donker, CEO Usono

Preventing injuries is a dream scenario, a long-term development. “That’s something for maybe even ten or fifteen years from now.” But perhaps it will be possible when a great deal of data on active muscles has been mapped thanks to the use of ProbeFix Dynamic. “Right now, we’re selling it mainly to universities and clinics that are doing research with it.”

GE Healthcare & Frédérique Matla collaboration

One company that sees a lot of potential in the invention is General Electric (GE). “We started a marketing campaign together,” says Donker. “We supply the ProbeFix Dynamic, they supply the Vscan Air and we’re working with top hockey player Frédérique Matla as “brand ambassador”. GE’s healthcare division will continue as a separate company from early January and the trust and collaboration are great for Usono.

Field hockey star Frédérique Matla and physiotherapist Frank Hagenaars at Hockeyclub Den Den Bosch with ProbeFix Dynamic. © Kees Martens/DCI Media


After years of developing the business in cardiology, Victor and Jori Verbeek went back to the drawing board. The innovative holder for an ultrasound head is the result. The ProbeFix Dynamic is been sold to researchers since 2022 and it is going well ever since: “We are only a small team now, but we are booking more revenue than we did before.”

Co-founder Victor Donker with the ProbeFix Dynamic in Usono office/lab at High Tech Campus Eindhoven © Kees Martens/DCI Media

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