Usono Secures CE Mark for ProbeFix Dynamic

ProbeFix Dynamic CE

Usono, a frontrunner in the application of medical ultrasound, proudly unveils the acquisition of the CE mark for its groundbreaking product, ProbeFix Dynamic. This milestone amplifies Usono’s commitment to empowering medical professionals across the EU with advanced diagnostic ultrasound of athletes in motion.

The ingeniously designed ProbeFix Dynamic effectively addresses the challenge of transducer positioning and stabilization during dynamic ultrasound procedures. Its versatile design secures transducers, curbing motion artefacts and heightening imaging precision. This breakthrough not only advances diagnostics and optimization but also helps athletes in return-to-play rehabilitation processes by giving biofeedback during exercise.

After years of success in the research community and recently announced collaborations with major brands like GE Healthcare, Clarius, and Torino FC, this is a great step towards clinical application. Victor Donker, Co-founder and CEO of Usono remarked, “The CE mark for ProbeFix Dynamic showcases our resolute commitment to bring our product to a wider audience. By equipping clinicians with our products we’re shaping better outcomes for patients.” The newly appointed commercial director of the Dutch company, Paul Venema adds: “We’re on the verge of partnering with local distributors across EU countries. This strategic move aims to enhance accessibility, fostering seamless adoption and optimal patient outcomes throughout Europe.”

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