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Usono ProbeFix Dynamic

ProbeFix Dynamic

ProbeFix Dynamic is a CE marked tool to make linear (or convex) transducers wearable, enabling you to record continuous images while the athlete is in motion.

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ProbeFix Cardiac

ProbeFix Cardiac

ProbeFix Cardiac is a tool to attach a phased array to the thorax for continuous cardiac imaging.

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Ultrasound devices

We offer ultrasound devices for research purposes of Telemed and Clarius that give you the opportunity to access raw signals.

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Custom ProbeFix Patella

Solutions on request

We have rich experience in creating custom solutions on your request and love to build tools that exactly match your needs for innovative and challenging applications.

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A selection of our satisfied customers

Selection of clinical studies and scientific publications using ProbeFix and ProbeFix Dynamic

The advantages of ProbeFix Dynamic and ProbeFix Cardiac is used in academic research publications and clinical case studies for several applications. More information and PDF documents can be requested per case.


Dr. Jorge Ojeda Barrientos


Medicina Muscular, FC Necaxa, World Boxing Council


Prof. Dr. Fernando Jimenez Díaz


University of Castilla la Mancha, Universidad Católica de Murcia, SEECO, MUSOC


Emeric Chalchat, Julien Siracusa, Cyprien Bourrilhon, Keyne Charlot, Jean-Luc Gennisson, Sebastian Garcia-Vicencio & Vincent Martin


Unité de Physiologie de l’Exercice et Activités en Conditions Extrêmes, Département Environnements Opérationnels, Institut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées; AME2P, Université Clermont Auvergne; LBEPS, Univ Evry, IRBA, Université Paris Saclay; BIOMAPS, Laboratoire d’Imagerie Biomédicale Multimodale, Université Paris-Saclay; Human Motion Analysis, Humanfab; Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).

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Marc Schmitz presenting ProbeFix in learning course video about Hamstrings functional scanning - SonoSkills

SonoSkills showcasing Functional and Dynamic Muscle Scanning with ProbeFix

Recently, Marc Schmitz, founder of SonoSkills, showcased the ProbeFix Dynamic in two informative videos about dynamic scanning during functional movements. These sessions highlighted the importance and benefits […]

Rabo Innovatie Lening John Paul van Heel Care and Innovation Advisor at Rabobank, Victor Donker (CEO) and Jori Verbeek (CTO)

Usono: From a great, promising start via a scale-down to reorientation and new success

Rabo Innovation Loan shows market potential for other investors as well. Original article written and published by Innovation Origins. The product itself – the ProbeFix Dynamic, a holder […]

Clinical application specialist (Frank Hagenaars, Frederique Matla)

Job Vacancy: Application Specialist

Who Are We? Usono is a pioneering medical technology company at the forefront of innovation in physiotherapy and musculoskeletal evaluation. Our commitment to advancing healthcare is evident […]

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Others about Usono

Sometimes innovations are so simple that it is surprising that they were not there before. ProbeFix is an example that relieves the sonographer and improves the images that are made. Moreover, the enthusiasm of the team contributes to their success.

Lucien Engelen

CEO Transform.Health, Fellow Deloitte & Faculty Exponential Medicine Singularity University

I would like to congratulate Usono with their successful Leapfunder campaign. I hope they will quickly bring their product effectively to the market, so patients and their physicians can benefit from this.

Prince Constantijn Van Oranje

Special envoy StartupDetla

The ProbeFix by Usono gives more control to clinicians and will broaden the field of ultrasound applications.

Jan Kimpen

Chief Medical Officer, Royal Philips

I can only see the sciatic nerve moving with ProbeFix. This helps me to make a better diagnosis and informed decision to continue treatment.

Fernando Jimenez Díaz

President of the Spanish Society of Ultrasound (SEECO)

Thanks to ProbeFix Dynamic multiple athletes with ACL injuries have returned to play significantly earlier than prognosed by the medical team.

Ruben Cabanillas

Rehab specialist and physiotherapist at RCD Espanyol, Spain

Now I understand what happens with the muscle tendon junction and can better coach my clients and players in their training.

Josep Caballero

Physiotherapist and practice owner Villarreal CF, Fisio Global Sport, Spain

The ProbeFix Dynamic tool has proven very valuable in facilitating the return to play for numerous patients in my clinic with hamstring and other.

Jorge Ojeda

Sports Doctor at Medicina Muscular, Mexico

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